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Programs & Events

The EDIC has hosted various events and workshops that were social, supportive or educational in nature.  We’ve had recovery related workshops, hosted professional Naloxone training, run step groups, held dances, talent shows, comedy nights and crib tournaments.  Many people have volunteered their time to create new, sober experiences for everyone to enjoy.


For a list of events and programs we are running, please see bellow.  If you would like to start a new event or activity at the club, please contact us at


Paul's Recovery Cuts

One of our members has graciously volunteered his time on Saturday mornings to help the community by providing hair cuts.  These are paid by donation so that those who can support the club are able and those who are in early recovery are afforded the dignity of a cleaner look whether or not they’re financially secure yet.  What’s more, people are able to socialize in a friendly and supportive environment.  Paul is there from 9am - Noon on Saturdays.  To ensure a spot, please swing by earlier in the week to add your name to the sign up sheet located on the club’s public bulletin board.

Community outreach by Michael Dosan

Every Wednesday, I will be doing street outreach from the Sur-Del Easy Does It Club from 8am-9am.  I will then be at the club from 9am-12pm.  I look forward to helping people in need connect to the resources they need to receive ministry help and access to programs which may complement the work that they are doing to recover from addiction. Michael Dosanj, Community Integration Specialist (Surrey, Delta, White Rock). Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction. Email: Cell: 236-308-1798


BBQs and Social Events

We have started holding Fellowship BBQs at the club.  We’ve already had three this year, improving each one with new ideas inspired by experience.  Please join us for our next one on Monday Aug 5 from 11am - 1pm!

Clubhouse Video and Streaming Production Program

The club has invested in camera, editing and zoom conference equipment for use by meetings and club members.  Capitalizing on the clubs strong Internet connection, some meetings have already begun to include hybrid services which allow remote members to connect through the club’s paid tier zoom account.  We are currently working on creating some in house tutorials and public information videos which will be appearing on our website in the future.  If you would like to know more about these evolving programs or want to learn more about zoom meeting options at the club, please email


EDIC Events Calendar
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