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Service at EDIC can Help Keep You Sober!


You may have heard it shared at meetings that Service will help keep you sober. That’s part of the reason why the Sur-Del Easy Does It Club has volunteer positions.  Many of our volunteers have been successful in achieving long term, multiple year sobriety.  They have learned that  enjoying rewarding lives free of addiction was made easier in part because of their willingness to get involved, make connections and give back to a community that respects and supports them.  If that sounds like something you’re interested in exploring for yourself, then we invite you to read on!


The Surrey-Delta Easy Does It Club has multiple ways that you can become involved and strengthen your recovery.  Here are a few ways that you might want to try in order to get started:


  1. Volunteer for a shift at the club.  Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization. By working behind the counter you’ll get to meet lots of club members, as well as become acquainted with many of our other volunteers and directors.  You also get free coffee whenever the club is open, and qualify for a free club membership which would normally cost $50 to buy. It’s a great foot in the door, and an excellent way to practice getting back into the workforce.  It also counts as volunteer hours which can be used on a resume, to satisfy various programs or to help in applying to college or university, especially in areas such as healthcare, social work or addictions counselling.  To find out more or to apply today, see our volunteer coordinator Michael when he is on shift, try calling the club at 778-564-7277 or email Terry at

  2. Bring us your ideas!  The club wouldn’t be anything without people’s ideas and enthusiasm.  Whether you’re at the club for a meeting, getting one of Paul’s Recovery Cuts or attending a special workshop, it all started with a volunteer’s vision and enthusiasm.  We would love to hear your ideas and help you get things started at the club.  If you would like to try something new or you are interested in starting a new meeting, please talk to Terry Wood by phone at 778-867-6848 or email

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