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Welcome to Our New Website: Sur-Del Easy Does It Club

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Are you or someone you know battling addiction? Are you seeking a supportive community that understands your struggles and is committed to your recovery journey? Look no further! The Sur-Del Easy Does It Club (EDIC) is here to extend a warm and heartfelt welcome to you.

A Beacon of Hope

The Sur-Del Easy Does It Club is not just any organization; it's a non-profit dedicated to helping individuals facing the challenges of addiction. Our mission is clear: to offer a helping hand and a safe haven for those on the path to recovery.

A Place to Connect

Our clubhouse is not just a place for meetings; it's a place to build connections, share stories, and find inspiration. Our coffee bar is usually open before, during and for a short period after meetings for people to relax, socialize and connect with their support group, or meet new people in recovery. We believe in the power of community, and here, you'll find a family ready to welcome you with open arms.

Recovery Meetings Galore

At The Sur-Del Easy Does It Club, we provide a diverse range of daily recovery meetings from various programs including, but not limited to, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), LifeRing Secular Recovery, and various other 12-step fellowships. We are also keen to support new meetings, providing flexible and highly discounted rent until new groups have had a chance to establish themselves. Check out our meeting schedule online, or email us if you would like more information about starting a new meeting.

Powered by Volunteers

We are proud to say that our organization is run entirely by dedicated volunteers. These individuals generously donate their time and effort to ensure that EDIC remains a beacon of hope for those in need. Every meeting you attend, every moment of support you receive, is made possible by these selfless volunteers. Your attendance and contributions help us cover our expenses and maintain our welcoming space.

Events That Make a Difference

We believe that recovery should also be fun and enjoyable. That's why we host various events, which you can find on our events page. From dances that get you moving to car washes that make your car sparkle, these activities not only bring the community together but also help us keep our doors open for those who need addiction support.

The Sur-Del Easy Does It Club is more than just a place; it's a lifeline for those seeking recovery, hope, and fellowship. We invite you to explore our website, attend our meetings, participate in our events, and become part of our recovery family. Together, we can overcome addiction and build a brighter future.

Join us today at The Sur-Del Easy Does It Club, where recovery, support, and community come together.

Welcome home!

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